de Boulle Catalog

In 1983, Karen Boulle’s love for jewelry took a major turn as she began design ing pieces. Her inspiration stems from a childhood spent traveling through the world with her family because her father, Edward, was a major in the Gurkhas and in the British Diplomat ic Service. Karen’s family traveled around Europe and the Far East through plac es such as: Paris, London, Baghdad and Singapore. At a young age, these beautiful areas had a great impression on her creative inspirations as she saw the towns, vil lages and markets each with

their own distinct colors, architecture and resourc es. And it was these fond childhood memories that formed the basis of design for the de Boulle Collection™. In addition to Karen’s travels, her love for nature and animals play a huge part in every piece of the de Boulle Collection. These visual cues can be seen in the hand-hammered gold leaves that adorn bracelets and necklaces in addition to the works that feature finely detailed gem-covered petals, animal prints or tribal beading. Karen believes that the details are what allow designs to make a truly lasting impression. Wheth er designs are free form, filled with motion or accented with sharp edges, each is made from only the finest organic mate-


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